Oct 14, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso Presents: Team #WeLive and the Mongol Rally!


This weeks guest post is from the RAD team #WeLive who recently completed their 10,000 mile trek across 2 Continents, 3 Deserts, and 5 Mountain Ranges in 2 hatchbacks during the 2016 Mongol Rally! Original blog here.


Coffee. A steaming cup of joe. Anti-murder potion. This essential part of becoming fully human in the morning goes by many names.


Fresh espresso somewhere in Kazakhstan.


Team #WeLive has a (possibly unhealthy) dependency on coffee. It's not so much about the experience of coffee as many aficionados like to say. It's more about needing the caffeine to form coherent sentences and niceties like, "Good morning."


Good thing we were generously sponsored by Wacaco Minipresso! Compact, handy, and most importantly it makes delicious espresso!


"We aren't sponsored by energy drinks like those low brows - no - we're sponsored by espresso." - Paula


We took this little bullet shaped magic dispenser almost 10,000 miles from Scotland through Mongolia to Russia.


There's one morning in Turkey with the Minipresso that stands out. We were up in the highland pastures of Turkey (not far from Trabzon). Being up on that mountain was such a soul soothing experience. I woke up that morning and the air was cool and fresh. The velvety peaks and valleys surrounded us, dotted with happily apathetic cows, and brightly colored cabins. Sunshine pushed through the thick layer of clouds and cast comforting rays.


Fresh from the udder milk was gifted from the neighbors cow while fresh bread and honey was in ready supply. All I needed as a sweet and creamy espresso with it.


Not a terrible place for a caramel-y morning espresso, is it?


All you need is hot water, your favorite espresso beans, and ideally a gorgeous view. Thank you again, to our friends at Wacaco for donating a Minipresso to EACH of the members of Team #WeLive. You're the best.


We are all super inspired and super stoked with Team #WeLive's Epic Journey.

Be cool. Be Awesome. Be like Team #WeLive.


Oct 14, 2016 Daniel Kennedy