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Apr 01, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Flattop Coffee

Excited to be partnering with Flattop Coffee! For the month of April, we will be posting weekly reviews of 3 different roasts by Flattop Coffee. Below is an image of us testing out Flattop Coffee under Flattop Mountain with the Minipresso GR!

"Flattop Coffee Roastery is a small batch Colorado based coffee roastery specializing in high-end specialty and single-origin coffees. The coffees are paired with gentle roast profiles that transform the green coffee beans into a fantastic brewing and tasting experience. Flattop offers limited edition roasts of a rotating variety.”

We immediately noticed the lighter creamy brown color of the brewed espresso, as we poured directly into clear tasting cups to admire the level of crema. Our coffee couple, Beth and George, will be following up in the coming weeks and reviewing the Guatamala Pan Am, Flattop Espresso 1.4, and the Rwanda Kivu Gitesi roasts. Get ready for some Crème brûlée, Caramel, and Cinnamon notes from a series of mixed and single-origin roasts; beans that will take your tastebuds on a trip from the Guatemalan Mountain tops across the Atlantic to African Rwanda. Remember at home, if you're grinding your own beans, the Minipresso likes an espresso grind. Not too fine, not too coarse, juuuust right.

Stay tuned for weekly reviews!

Apr 01, 2016 Daniel Kennedy