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Apr 14, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso and Flattop Coffee's Espresso 1.4

Greetings from Beth and George! We’ve been busy mastering the art of Minipresso pouring — a feat easier than using our semi-automatic espresso machine — and conducting “blind” tastings (before reading the roasters’ comments) to give each blend a fair trial. This week's blend is Espresso 1.4

"Origin: Blend of two African-grown beans and one from Central America; roasted and packed in Colorado, USA."

Before the Brew: We detected floral fragrances that grew stronger once we put the beans through the grinder. The spring garden scents mixed beautifully with more subtle notes of honey, vanilla cake, and anise.

Minipresso Tasting: Caramelized sugar and crème brûlée notes tickled all of our senses in this espresso shot, from the color of the crema to the luxurious mouthfeel… not to mention the sweet flavors present. (Another hole-in-one package description from Flattop!) Additional hints of tart cranberry brought a delightful touch of bitterness to the sip.

On deck for next week: Rwanda Kivu Gitesi

Apr 14, 2016 Daniel Kennedy