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Minipresso and Flattop Coffee's Rwanda Kivu Gitesi

Greetings from Beth and George! We’ve been busy mastering the art of Minipresso pouring — a feat easier than using our semi-automatic espresso machine — and conducting “blind” tastings (before reading the roasters’ comments) to give each blend a fair trial. This weeks blend is Rwanda Kivu Gitesi!

"Origin: Beans grown in Rwanda; roasted and packed in Colorado, USA."

Before the Brew: Wow! We were blown away at the boldness of these beans. Inhaling the intense, spicy aromas of cloves, cocoa, chili peppers, and smoke made for a tantalizing preview of the tastes to come.

Minipresso Tasting: The first sips magically transported us to late autumn/early winter, to a time where we don sweaters and entertain friends in our festively decorated home. We’re talking about a warm, golden crema and flavors of hot chocolate, mulled wine, and spiced orange pomander balls. Flattop is spot-on accurate in their description, with the added bonus of warm, happy feelings and a drink that goes down very easily.

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