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May 07, 2016Daniel Kennedy

8 Ways to Enjoy Minipresso

Got a chance to bring the Minipresso GR on a month long trip through New Zealand; with thousands of Kilometers travelled via car, campervan, canoe, packraft, boat, and by foot; we were pretty happy to have a the minipresso along as our 3rd passenger. !

1: Summit - what better reward than a nice hot espresso at the top of a long climb? Had a nice reward on Roy's Peak. Tips: bring a lightweight camping stove and Isobutane tank to boil water at the top. Give your legs a break and refuel for the descent.


2: Espresso of the Sea - Had a nice minipresso before sea-kayaking NZ's Milford Sound, a Fiord that boasts 100m+ high waterfalls. Who needs to shower at the backpackers hostel if you can take a dunk in your seakayak under Stirling Falls, a 161m waterfall. Always important to stay alert when you're out on the water. Alittle caffeine goes a long way.

3: Climbing Fuel - I used to crush energy drinks while bouldering; but we all know they're full of questionable ingredients followed by an inevitable crash. Bring the Minipresso along for a nice pick me up. Also, sometimes the hardest thing to do is take a break when you just want to keep climbing. This will force you to rest between climbs and give you some extra energy to finally send that project!


4: Shots on the Beach - woke up after some seaside camping. Brewed a few Minipresso's, watched the sunrise with some seals, and took off to continue our road trip. Save money AND get the best seat in the house before the cafes are even open. If you like to get an early start, Minipresso is the way to go.


5: Stand up Minipresso - SUPing on mountain surrounded Lake Wanaka is a pretty epic experience; we realized the minipresso fits perfectly on the front under our gear tie-downs. Pre-filled the hot water tank and took off on an adventure. Made some coffee 100s of meters from shore. The best cafe is the one you create for yourself.


6: Mountain Minipresso - get fueled before your alpine adventure, got a chance to stop and admire Mt Cook in all of her grandeur. No cafe on the highway? No problem.


7: Campervan Coffee - throw that kettle on the stove and make your espresso in style. Enjoy it wherever the open road will take you.


8: Camping the old fashioned way - roll out of your tent, throw a pot on the fire, brew up some Joe. The world is your kitchen with minipresso.

So the best place to bring a everywhere and anywhere!  Where will you take your Minipresso?  Or better yet, where will your Minipresso take you?



May 07, 2016 Daniel Kennedy