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Jun 11, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso with Friends

Sharing is caring! One of the best accessories to get for your Minipresso is the Minipresso Kit, a large water tank and multiple filter baskets. Great if you like a longer shot of espresso, and even better if you’d like to share!

We pre-pack our filter baskets before heading out on an adventure, to travel lightly and make Minipresso creation fast and easy


We’ve tested this baby in every condition, on pristine New Zealand Beaches, long backpacking trips, and on top of deep snowpacks in the Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s in our kitchen or on top of a mountain, one thing is consistent - great espresso. There’s something wonderful about being able to have your morning ritual anywhere you go. It’s dual purpose, it can help you bring that sense of routine in the chaos of an adventure, or it can break up your daily office routine with something delicious to look forward to. It’s a brief respite in a busy day, which in our everyday world of “go go go” is a precious thing to have. It adds a ritual to the coffee break; Japanese tea pouring for the 21st century.


The culture of sharing is timelessly human. With a Minipresso you can take a break; wherever you are. Take the time to bond over a Minipresso.


Jun 11, 2016 Daniel Kennedy