5 Reasons Why Minipresso is Perfect for Your ATV Adventures! | Wacaco
May 13, 2017Daniel Kennedy

5 Reasons Why Minipresso is Perfect for Your ATV Adventures!

Minipresso is the perfect All Terrain Vehicle co-pilot! We took Minipresso out on an ATV adventure over massive sand dunes and through pre-historic rock formations.


1) Being portable and light weight, it’s easy to strap Minipresso to your ATV, put into a storage space, or backpack.


2) Many ATV’s come with, or have the option of installing, a DC outlet. That way you can heat your water up out in the field.


3) Want to prep before hand? No problem! Throw boiling water into a double hulled thermos which will store hot water for up to 8-10 hours. Then pick your own cafe, we chose to drive up to the summit of Sand Mountain to enjoy our shots! A great start to a day full of ATV adventures! Best part? No lines!


4) Added perk? Bring as much coffee as you like! Pack an entire container of ground coffee (or a sleeve of pods for the NS) into your ATV storage compartment. Be a mobile cafe for your adventure buds! 10 espressos!  No 20 espressos!  As much espresso as you like!  Set up your Pop Up ATV Cafe along your favorite ride!


5) Pro-Tip: Be versatile and apply this same process to your Snow-mobile / Motorcycle / Jet Ski adventures! Let no adventure go improperly caffeinated!




May 13, 2017 Daniel Kennedy