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Jan 03, 2020Daniel Kennedy

7 Reasons Why You Should Pipamoka

We've launched our newest product, the Pipamoka!  

Here's a short list of highlights featuring what the Pipamoka has to offer:

1)The Pipamoka is the world's first all in one vacuum sealed pressure brewer.

2)  The Pipamoka is versatile and can brew a long coffee, a short strong coffee for lattes and mixed coffee drinks, as well as cold brew.

3)  Everything you need to brew fits securely into the Pipamoka Mug.  You can then take the mug by itself to travel and keep your coffee hot for hours.

4)  The Pipamoka is different from other handheld brewers because it is self contained and brews under a vacuum.  The twisting mechanism causes the user to brew at the exact right speed and creates a constant steady extraction, whereas other brew processes can be more technique specific.  With the Pipamoka anyone can brew a perfect cup right out of the box.

5)  Some other handheld brewers recommend diluting their brews for better balance while the Pipamoka brews at a perfect 1/15 ratio for a well balanced brew with an ideal strength right out of the machine.

6)  The Pipamoka reduces waste as it doesn't use paper filters.

7)  Because the Pipamoka uses a permanent micro-filter mesh the natural oils present within the beans also are transferred into the extraction, creating a brew with a superior and more nuanced flavor.




Jan 03, 2020 Daniel Kennedy