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Dec 10, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Bulletproof Minipresso: Intro


We’re super excited for this upcoming collaboration! Bulletproof Coffee is something we here at Wacaco have been wanting to try for a long time, being fans of healthy fats like grass fed ghee and coconut oil.


The Products: We’ll be testing out Bulletproof’s Grass Fed Ghee, Brain Octane Oil, and 3 of their proprietary low acid coffee blends - Original, French Kick, and The Mentalist.


The Science: Bulletproof is a brand that is a proponent of the bio-hacking movement; essentially increasing your stamina, brain power, and productivity through the science of nutrition. The science behind bulletproof lies in the ketogenic diet (a diet embraced by world class ultra endurance athletes, silicon valley executives, top golfers, and NBA athletes alike). The idea is to fuel your body with healthy fats, as opposed to quick burning sugars. The benefit of this is that your once your body switches into ketosis, it can burn fat as a primary fuel source almost infinitely since your body can store much more of this than glycogen (sugars) and utilize it a much longer time. This has purported health and cognitive benefits, and is more alike to how our ancient ancestors bodies powered themselves for the majority of human history in a pre-agriculture world as fats were more readily available than complex carbohydrates. A more expansive review and explanation of the keto diet, including notable figures can be viewed here.


The scientific, nutritional, and athletic community have not reached a common consensus on this.  But many new studies are stacking up in favor of this type of eating. Marked improvements in athletic accomplishments by Lebron James, eight-time Ironman World Champion Paula Newby-Fraser, and various other accomplished athletes and tech execs. Anecdotally, I’ve eaten like this for years and it has had profoundly beneficial effects on my physical health. Our team is going to test out this Bulletproof concoction with the Minipresso for a time period, review the tasting notes, and let you know our findings! The only way to really know if it works for you, is to try it!





Dec 10, 2016 Daniel Kennedy