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Dec 23, 2016Daniel Kennedy

BulletProof Minipresso: Original Blend Review


Bulletproof is more than a coffee roasting company — it is a lifestyle company that roasts coffee beans. Dave Asprey’s mission is “to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies.” Along with three varieties of coffee prepared according to Asprey’s research, Bulletproof offers coffee additives such as Grass-Fed Ghee and Brain Octane Oil, teas, hot chocolate, nutritional supplements, and a range of performance-enhancing products and training programs.


Over the next few weeks Beth and George will be reviewing each of the coffee roasts that Bulletproof offers. This weeks roast: The Original.



Bulletproof: The Original


Beans: 100% Arabica


Before the Brew: Ever walk into a kitchen and realize something is baking in the oven, even though you can’t pinpoint the exact aroma? That’s how we felt when we opened our package. We also picked up soft scents of pine needles and licorice – or maybe we were imagining things – but we promise it smelled delightful!


Minipresso Tasting: What really stood out for us when we made our first shots of espresso was the exceptionally smooth, silky mouth feel. Bulletproof Original made one of the lightest espressos we’ve tried, but that’s not a bad thing! George tasted a little sweet toffee flavor along with earthy, woody notes. Beth commented that she could easily down this as a “quad” because the ‘nuttiness’ and “baked tart berry” acidity were just right.


To make the coffee BulletProof, we recommend 2 large Minipressos (or 4 shots) plus 1 table spoon Grass-Fed Ghee and 1 tablespoon Brain Octane Oil, blended to desired frothiness. For best results, ease slowly into this blend with smaller amounts of Ghee and Oil.



Dec 23, 2016 Daniel Kennedy