Bulletproof Minipresso: The Mentalist | Wacaco
Dec 30, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Bulletproof Minipresso: The Mentalist


We're a few weeks into our Bulletproof adventure, here's what Beth and George had to say about The Mentalist.


Beans: 100% Arabica


Before the Brew: Out of the three Bulletproof coffees, the Mentalist beans have the strongest, boldest scent. That being said, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific aromatic note – but it certainly smells familiar, like a childhood memory. At times we caught the aroma of fresh, just-washed whole blueberries, while the next minute, we noticed a hint of spice, and smoked wood chips after that.


Minipresso Tasting: Our espresso shots had an herbal tea-like quality, in that they were light-bodied without being watery. For such a bold-scented bean, we took great pleasure in the surprisingly delicate tastes of cherry and cinnamon. We agreed that we’d like to try it again in the summer, chilled over ice.



Dec 30, 2016 Daniel Kennedy