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Oct 07, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Camping With the Nanopresso - Wake Up With Wacaco!

The Nanopresso really shines in its natural element, the outdoors!

Wether you're glamping, car camping, or far out in the backcountry - a fire is a great start or end to a day outside.  Pairing such an old tradition, with a brand new technology like the Nanopresso is something special.

Here's how to heat up water for your morning espresso, the long way:

Dig an ember out of the ashes from your previous night's fire and build a small cook fire over the embers.  If you're lucky, some of the embers may still be smoldering (depending upon the size of the fire, weather, etc), if that's the case you already have your starter ready to go!  For me, the next morning cook fire is consistently the easiest fire to light because the pit is already dry, and full of a charcoal base that's ready to re-light. Once the fire is going, fill your camping pot with fresh water and heat it until it reaches a rolling boil.  While waiting for the water to heat, add your finely ground espresso beans to the filter basket, tamp the grinds down hard, and screw on the top.  Pour your hot water into the water tank, flip the Nanopresso, unlock the piston by twisting, and start pumping! In about 30 seconds you will be enjoying fresh hot espresso!

Now more than ever it's really important to remember to slow down, enjoy your surroundings, and take a well deserved (coffee) break!  





Oct 07, 2017 Daniel Kennedy