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Jul 23, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Climbing with Wacaco!

 Climbing Tips!

1) Loop a carabiner through the small loop at the end of the Minipresso or Nanopresso carrying case. Clip directly to your harness or rack. At under a pound, it’s easy to bring anywhere. 


2) Pre-pack Nanopresso or Minipresso with hot water / grind or pods so you’re all ready to go! Saves on space! For big wall climbs, long days, or sharing with friends, you can quickly heat up hot water with your camp stove.


3) Fuel before, during, and after the climb because espresso has been proven to burn fat, improve performance, reduce post workout soreness, and increase endurance and strength output. 


Enjoy this series of photos taken by the very talented Chris Lorimer featuring our bud Michael Stephen O'Connor crushing some climbs with his Minipresso GR!



Jul 23, 2017 Daniel Kennedy