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Nov 11, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco Roast Reviews - Pueblo 57: Medium Dark Roast

Roast Reviews brought to you by coffee connoisseurs Beth & George.

Pueblo 57: Medium Dark Roast

We’re no strangers to international mail since George orders tools and project parts from around the globe. When we saw Colombia on the return address, however, our eyes widened and we scrambled to open the package, knowing that it would be - could only be - coffee beans straight from the source.

Pueblo 57 is based in the city of Santiago de Cali, better known as Cali, the capital of Colombia’s Valle de Cauca region. What began as a simple agricultural endeavor has transformed into a company that harvests, roasts, and ships their own product, enabling these farmers to earn better wages and invest in their communities. Currently, Pueblo 57 offers four different roast profiles available as whole beans and compostable capsules compatible with Wacaco Nanopresso NS Adapter and Minipresso NS.  With direct shipping from Colombia to the USA and Canada, you’re guaranteed the freshest roast possible.

Medium Dark Roast:  Single origin Arabica Castillo beans from a single harvest at one single  farm in Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

The Nose Knows

Wow, just wow. Imagine how your mouth feels when you eat a sugar-coated sour candy. That “zing” comes through aromatically, with such intensity, even from a small, unassuming (and compostable!) coffee pod. We also detected pleasant natural notes: woody cinnamon bark, cacao, and tart berries. Even our cat, Kirby, came over to get a whiff, though he wasn’t as impressed by the thick, syrupy espresso pour. “I’m nosing a lot of chocolate,” said George of the espresso shot, causing Beth to laugh because she didn’t think “nose” was a verb. (It is!)


This crema, unlike other perfect-looking cremas (and we’ve seen our fair share of them), could only be described as decadent. Thick as the head on a Guinness, with wisps and curls of color like a da Vinci drawing, you could envision symbols and figures appearing in your cup like a fortune. Maybe Beth’s memories of Dia de los Muertos latte art from Lima’s Tostaduria Bisetti influenced the imagery - or maybe Pueblo 57 and the Nanopresso share a magical bond.


The Medium Dark Roast made a super smooth espresso with pine wood and citrus notes. Instead of the cacao or cinnamon flavors George assumed we’d taste, we were treated to a warm lemon-blueberry scone with melted butter.

Nov 11, 2018 Daniel Kennedy