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Sep 30, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Cold Brew Minipresso


 The number one question we get asked about is always in regards to “hot water”. If you’re in a bind and don’t have that extra 2 minutes to spare, or if it's "one of those days" and you need a coffee before your coffee, we got you covered!


Here at Minipresso, we recommend hot boiling water to brew the perfect Minipresso and get the full flavor and aroma of a traditional espresso. But, here’s some TOP SECRET intel. The Minipresso works without hot water. It works with ANY temperature water!


We’ll show you the 2 types of coffee you can make with the Minipresso sans hot water. Now if you’re a purist, hot water is needed for the steam to create the 8 bars of pressure required for an authentic espresso; and an authentic Cold Brew generally steeps for a long period; but this little hack gets you quality coffee, fast!


Ice Cold Water: Pour ice cold water into the Minipresso tank and pump into a cup full of ice. We used the large water tank, and did 2 rounds (2 filter baskets, 2 large tanks of water) to create a tall smooth iced coffee. You can see the color is consistent with iced drip coffee, though the Minipresso creates a much smoother flavor. With iced water all of the components are cold so in order to keep pressure, you have to pump consistently, and carefully. Full pumps without too much of a rest in between, while making sure each pump is still easy to push.


Room Temperature - Cool Water: This is a favorite if you’re in the field and didn’t bring hot water, or an easy way to heat up your water. This creates enough pressure to still create a nice white crema, not the golden brown of the authentic hot water Minipresso, but the taste and caffeine content is quite comparable. You can see how the dark color compares to the ice cold water Minipresso.


So no matter what temperature your water; there’s no excuse to not make a delicious Minipresso! As always; the best espresso, is the one you're drinking.


Sep 30, 2016 Daniel Kennedy