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Apr 06, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Dog Sledding With Wacaco + Cold Weather Espresso Tips!

You really can take Wacaco Portable Espresso Machines anywhere!  We teamed up with Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park for an epic day of dog sledding!  

Here are some quick tips for getting fresh hot espresso in colder conditions:

When heating water in colder temperatures, liquid fuel stoves work better than canister stoves.  This is because cold temperatures create low canister pressure.  

If you are at high elevation you use more fuel than at lower elevations.  Its a good idea to pack extra fuel, especially for alpine camping.  

On windy days you will need a wind shield to keep the wind away from your flame.  Luckily the snow works great for this! Dig out an area in the snow (at least 1 foot deep) that will work as shelter while you cook.  If you're heating up water over a fire, don't dig first.  Build the fire on top of the snow and then let it burn down creating it's own shield.  Digging first will douse your fire with melt!

If you are using a water bladder to store your water do the best you can to keep water out of the tube (a trick that works for us is blowing the water out of the tube each time after you drink).  The tube will freeze fastest and make accessing your water difficult. We recommend getting an insulated tube. 

And last but not least, pre-heat your Minipresso or Nanopresso before use.  They make the best crema when the water is very hot, so doing a hot water run-through before you add the coffee is a good idea. 

Now you’re all ready to enjoy portable espresso in any season, so get out there and enjoy!


Apr 06, 2018 Daniel Kennedy