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Jul 07, 2016Daniel Kennedy




This guest post has been brought to you by Dylan Bellingan and Ben Pryce, co-founders of Viva La Vacay.


There is a movement growing in the United States, paralleling the Westward pioneers of yesteryear, and the roving VW counterculture of the 1960s. Fueled by that same inner fire that inspires people to climb mountains, to sail across oceans, to navigate great expanses in search of something better; that little thing that we all yearn for but is sometimes so hard to find, that thing we call freedom. A modern marriage of technology and movement has spread across the mountains and the plains, the beaches and forests. Mobile nomads follow the same game trails of old, in their newest asphalt iteration, searching for new life and adventure. This mentality is the heart of the #vanlife movement. A culture not just of vagabonds, but of mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, ceos, athletes, and adventure seekers - Modern Pioneers. Tech now allows us to work from anywhere, the boardroom is now the beach, the studio the forest; you could send an email from the middle of the desert to space and back; but we all know how hard it is to find good cup coffee in the wild. Fortunately, we no longer live in a pre-Minipresso world, and with our trusty pocket barista by our side, we can have espresso anywhere, anytime. We were able to catch up with Dylan Bellingan, entrepreneur, travel blogger, and vanlifer between travels. Here are the nice things he had to say about the Minipresso:


"I wouldn’t want to live any other way, but it’s easy to say living a minimalistic lifestyle can have its challenges. Living on the road, out of my van, and traveling around the U.S for the past few years has been great. It has opened up opportunities to meet many like-minded folk from all over the world. I’ve noticed everyone’s way of making their morning coffee is different, but for most who travel light and off the grid, choices are limited.


 Many times there isn’t any power if you’re camping at the beach or in a beautiful national forest somewhere, so a fancy counter top espresso maker is useless! Here’s an instance where simple is definitely better! Minipresso was introduced to me by a friend and has quickly made it’s way into my morning routine. It is not only simple to use, compact, and easy to store, it’s literally small enough to throw in my backpack! Pretty great for overnight hikers and everyday explorers. For me, I often rise before the sun, and well before the local coffee shops open, to go check what the surf is like. Having my Minipresso makes it easy to start my day off right.


 When the waves get big, my friends and I like to make the short trek south into Mexico. We go to destinations that are completely off grid, so plugging something into an outlet isn’t an option. Unlike most espresso makers that need power to run, the Minipresso uses a mechanical piston to achieve the perfect amount of pressure. All you need is a bit of boiled water, your favorite grind, and a few pumps to enjoy a delicious espresso from the comfort of anywhere!"



So grab yourself a Minipresso, hop in your mechanical steed, and set out for your own adventure!


Jul 07, 2016 Daniel Kennedy