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Nov 04, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Hit the Road with Wacaco #vanlife #rvlife

Camping In Style With Wacaco! from Wacaco Company Limited on Vimeo.

There’s nothing better than the freedom of living on the open road! And as any digital nomad knows, coffee is an important fuel for any adventure.  Possibly the MOST important!  When picking out a kitchen appliance for your RV, anything that is light and saves space is the way to go. Many typical espresso makers are heavy, bulky and take up valuable counter space.  That’s why the Nanopresso is the perfect solution for #rvlife and #vanlife!  At only 6.14 inches tall, and less than .75 lbs, it’s small and light and comes with it’s own carrying case, for easy portability.  Try putting your table top espresso machine in your drawer, or backpack.  The Nanopresso is completely hand powered so all you need is hot water!  Making a fresh hot espresso won't be a drain on your battery!

And the best part is, you can enjoy cafe quality espresso wherever your travels take you, you can wake up to a new remote cafe every morning - be your own barista with Wacaco!



Nov 04, 2017 Daniel Kennedy