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Aug 24, 2017Daniel Kennedy

How To Avoid Bad Airplane Coffee And Get The Best Brew On The Flight!

On an early morning flight theres nothing worse than weak bland airplane coffee. Luckily there is a great alternative, and that's a fresh strong bold espresso. The Nanopresso is the perfect hand powered in-flight espresso maker! It fits easily into any carry on at only 6.14 inches and 0.74 lb.  Don't accidentally check it with your luggage, since you want be ready to brew when the flight takes off. Here’s how!


  1. Pre-pack your filter basket with your favorite ground coffee. Tamp firmly and screw the top on tightly for transport.
  2. When the flight attendant comes around to take your drink order ask for a cup of hot water.
  3. Unclip the built-in cup from the water tank 
  4. Carefully pour the hot water into the water tank (be careful of turbulence!) and screw it onto the base of the Nanopresso
  5. Twist the piston to the unlocked position, flip the Nanopresso upside down and begin to pump
  6. The first 5 of 6 pumps build up pressure inside the machine, once 18 bars of pressure is achieved the espresso will begin to pump out.
  7. Continue pumping for about 30 seconds. Once the 80 ml cup is full the pump will have no more resistance and your espresso is ready to drink!
  8. Enjoy the best and freshest brew on the plane!

Aug 24, 2017 Daniel Kennedy