How To Build The Ultimate Portable Espresso Kit! | Wacaco
Jan 06, 2018Daniel Kennedy

How To Build The Ultimate Portable Espresso Kit!

Nanopresso - 18 Bars of Pressure, under .75 lbs, case included.  This is where any serious nomad Barista needs to start!

Colors (mix and match) - COLORS!  That’s right, 3 limited special editions.  Collect them while we have them, and mix and match for your favorite combo!


NS Adapter - with this small attachment, your Nanopresso is immediately outfitted for pod use!  Pop in your favorite pods anywhere and everywhere!

Barista Kit - 2X the espresso or a super concentrated single shot.  A must for intense coffee flavor, sharing, or for the caffeine addict who wants more!

Minipresso Case - the Nanopresso + Double Espresso Adapter, or NS Adapter increases the size of the espresso machine, so it’s slightly too big for the case that comes with the Nanopresso, BUT it’s a perfect fit for the Minipresso Case.  Pop your longer Nanopresso + Adapter in here, and throw your Barista Kit with the larger water tank, tamp, and extra filter baskets in the bag it comes with, or into the Nano case for extra protection.

Check out the video below to see all of the accessories in action!




Jan 06, 2018 Daniel Kennedy