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Mar 03, 2018Daniel Kennedy

How To Clean The Nanopresso's Portafilter

It's important to maintain your Nanopresso to keep it pulling perfect shots every time.  The first step in Nano maintenance is to clean the rim near the orange seal within the nozzle.  The small brush included with every Nanopresso is the perfect tool for this step.  This will get rid of any loose espresso grinds that could prevent the nozzle from sealing perfectly with the filter basket and rest of the Nanopresso body.  This is important, as creating a vacuum seal is necessary in order to create the right amount of pressure for a great extraction.
We recommend cleaning the portafilter a few times a month if you're noticing any pressure leaks as grounds can build up underneath the orange seal.  Removing the orange seal is easy, gently slide it up over the rim and wash both the seal and the rest of the nozzle under running water.  That's it!

Less occasionally, about 1-2 times per year, we suggest cleaning the metal mesh. Use an Allen Wrench to unscrew the 3 screws, and run the metal filter under running water for a few seconds, and you should be good to go!

We also recommend rinsing the other parts of the portafilter (nozzle, spring, etc).  These are steps you should take if you're noticing more resistance than usual while using your normal grind, or if any espresso is leaking from the rim or from the 3 small holes surrounding the nozzle.

If you notice any difference in pressurization (more than the usual amount of pumps to build pressure or no pressure at all) we recommend removing the orange rubber circle in the Nanopresso body.  Pop it off and rinse it and the space on top of the Nanopresso body.  This will remove any grinds that may have slipped underneath.  Place it back and be sure to make sure the orientation fits perfectly.  Push it down around the edges with your finger and then pump water through the Nano.  It may take more pumps than usual to re-seal everything perfectly, but once it does you'll be back to pulling perfect shots!  

Below is the entire Nanopresso + Double Espresso Adapter taken apart for easy cleaning.



Mar 03, 2018 Daniel Kennedy