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Jan 14, 2017Daniel Kennedy

How To Get The Perfect Crema Every Time!


How to get the perfect crema every time!


Here's what it takes to make that perfect morning Minipresso! Getting all of the steps dialed in is worth it, trust us.


A hot, rolling boil - The hotter the water, the more steam created within the Minipresso, meaning more pressure and better extraction. You’ll know you’re at the right temperature when you get a golden brown crema (a white crema results when the water is not hot enough).


The perfect grind - All beans are not created equal, each bean/roast has it’s own secret favorite way to be prepared. Through a little experimentation in grind size, you’ll find what works best for each bean in the Minipresso. We recommend a burr grinder for the best consistency.


Consistent pumping - 1 second per pump is the perfect ratio. This allows for the best espresso extraction while still being quick enough to make sure the water stays at the proper temperature.


Variety - Some beans make a more prominent crema than others, and each bean has it’s own distinct flavor profile. And since variety is the spice of life, get out there any try some new roasts! Coffee Roasts can be as varied as wine varietals, and a Robusta or Arabica bean can taste dramatically different depending upon where it was cultivated and how it was roasted. Subtle, or dramatic, changed in elevation and soil can totally change the taste of a bean. You’ll be a coffee Sommelier in no time like our roast reviewers Beth and George, detecting toffee’s, caramels, wood notes, etc after a mere sip or sniff. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the infinite amount of choices, check out our monthly bean reviews for some of our favorite recommendations!


 Stay Caffeinated!



Jan 14, 2017 Daniel Kennedy