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Dec 09, 2017Daniel Kennedy

How To Get The Perfect Crema With The Nanopresso + NS Adapter + Barista Kit!

Here are some quick tips to getting the absolute best crema with the new Nanopresso, NS Adapter, and Barista Kit.

Extract Close To Cup - Rest the nozzle of the Nanopresso on your cup so it's flush and touching.  You can use the one that comes with the Nano, or your favorite espresso cup.  At home we are fond of glass double hulled espresso cups for maximum heat retention.  Resting the nozzle on the cup creates the least amount of space between the spout and cup.  There’s less disturbance to dissipate the smaller bubbles / create larger bubbles.  The extracted espresso also moves down deeper into the glass, creating more bubbles to add to the crema as it stirs and rises.  This leaves you with a perfect glassy crema composed of very small bubbles of C02, perfect for capturing the aroma and tasting nuances of your chosen espresso.

Large Filter Basket - Wether you opt for an extra strong single shot, or a long shot with the large water tank attachment, the larger 16g filter basket is the way to go.  Tamp down hard with the Barista Kit tamp, and you’ll create a perfect compact seal for optimum espresso extraction.

Grind Your Own Beans - The closer to grinding, the more c02 that is released once hot water hits the ground beans.  This is what creates crema.  The longer grinds sit out in the air, the more they oxidize.  You want the oils fresh on the surface of the ground beans, without them being exposed to oxygen for long to get the best out of your beans. 

Use Pods - If you’re not into grinding your own beans you can opt for Nespresso® pods in your quest for the perfect crema.  These contain finely ground coffee in an already airtight container formulated to make the perfect espresso.

HOT Water - The hotter the water, the better the extraction, the more pressure created, and the greater release of C02.  For the hottest possible extraction, we recommend running a hot water cycle through the Nanopresso to warm it up.



Dec 09, 2017 Daniel Kennedy