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Apr 13, 2018Daniel Kennedy

How To Pre-Pack The Nanopresso For A Trip!

No trip is complete without coffee to fuel your adventure!  Here are some tips to make packing your coffee kit easy and accessible !
For Ground Coffee:  
Grab your Nanopresso and Barista Kit.  The Barista Kit comes with 3 filter baskets (2 large size baskets and 1 regular size basket) with lids so you can prepack and pre-tamp with the included tamp your coffee grounds. Store these in the large water tank for transporting.  Pop off the lid when you’re ready for coffee, then after pumping replace the lid and pack out the puck for a no-mess clean up.
For Capsules:
The best way to transport capsules for your NS Adapter is to store them in the Nanopresso’s water tank.  If you also have the Barista kit you can stash even more capsules in the large water tank.  This will protect them from getting crushed while traveling.
For Protection:
The Nanopresso comes with a durable, zipper case, with a loop for a carabiner or clip to attach it wherever is easiest to access! If you’re using the NS adapter or the Double Espresso adapter on your Nano while you travel with the small water tank, you can grab a Nano-Mini Case. The Nano will fit perfectly in this case with the adapters on.  If you’re like us and need MORE COFFEE use the included nano case for your Nanopresso and the Nano-Mini Case for your barista kit with large water tank.

Happy trails!


Apr 13, 2018 Daniel Kennedy