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Jun 01, 2019Daniel Kennedy

4 Ways to Re-use the Coffee Grounds from your Nanopresso and Minipresso

Stop throwing your used ground coffee in the trash! Check out 4 ways to reuse and recycle coffee grinds when you’re done with them


Being environmentally conscious is important to us at Wacaco.  It's one of the reasons why we created our portable espresso machine to be completely hand powered.  We are always looking into ways to reduce our carbon footprint when making coffee, whether its biodegradable pods or coffee roasted completely with solar power.  Even by simply using the included espresso cup to make your morning coffee instead of using a paper or styrofoam disposable cup from the coffee shop makes a huge difference.  Here are some ways you can recycle your used ground coffee, meaning making coffee with your Nanopresso or Minipresso is virtually waste free!


  1. Use it for compost
Did you know ground coffee is one of the best ingredients to add to compost?    This study showed that using ground coffee in compost makes a soil richer in nutrients than compost made without ground coffee. This study showed compost made with 40% coffee grinds also contained less emissions from greenhouse gases than regular compost.  The more coffee you drink the better your compost will be!


  1. Use it for fertilizer
Don’t have a composter?  No problem, coffee grinds can make a great fertilizer too!  Simply sprinkle it on your garden.  This study found that adding ground coffee as a fertilizer increases nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium to improve plant growth, and helps attract worms which are also great for your garden.


  1. Repel the bugs you don’t want
If you have a problem with ants venturing into your home from the outside you can repel them with ground coffee. Spread a 2 inch thick line around the permemter of where you want to keep them out of and it will help deter them.  Likewise, by spreading coffee as a fertilizer it will also keep snails and slugs away. Refresh the grounds every 2 weeks to keep it working as effectively as possible.



  1. Neutralize odors
Like baking soda, coffee grounds neutralizes odors, so to reduce strange smells in your fridge or freezer simply fill a small open container with ground coffee and place it in the fridge.  The unwanted smells with be neutralized by the ground coffee.
Have other ideas?  Let us know!
Jun 01, 2019 Daniel Kennedy