Just who are our mysterious Coffee Reviewers Beth and George? | Wacaco
Oct 20, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Just who are our mysterious Coffee Reviewers Beth and George?

Where have your travels taken you?

As a couple, we have traveled to Jamaica, Canada, and Portugal, where we took our honeymoon and enjoyed daily breakfast of espresso and pasteis de nata. We also drive around New England (Vermont, Maine, Connecticut) and want to revisit New York City soon! Recently, we visited Colorado for the first time and we had a great time in the mountains! Beth has traveled more extensively - five out of seven continents - including an academic year spent in France, where she (I) developed an appreciation for café culture. 

What's the most unusual coffee you've ever tried?

Beth returned from Vietnam with Kopi Luwak, "coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet."  We enjoyed it, but it didn't taste particularly different. 


What’s your favorite thing about the Nanopresso?

 George loves how easy it is to make high-quality espresso that is on par with our DeLonghi espresso machine or anything we'd be served. Beth loves the great value for the price!


What’s a cool place you’ve made a Nanopresso? 

 Using our Nanopresso near the summit of Pike's Peak takes the cake! Bringing it to outdoor brunches has been useful, too.


What are your future plans (travel/otherwise)?

Our biggest plans for the near-future are home renovations -- fueled by espresso, of course. Our house is over 100 years old and needs some 21st Century updates. Someday we'll have a designated coffee bar and more counter space!

Beth is headed to Mexico in the late autumn, and we're setting our sights on a European vacation next year. George would love to have an espresso in Italy or France and Beth would love to try Turkish coffee in Istanbul. (We're both fans of Todd Carmichael's coffee adventures on the Travel Channel and would love to visit some of his favorite coffee-growing destinations.)


How did you become a foodie? How and where have you and George honed your exquisite palettes?

 Honestly, we don't consider ourselves foodies, but we do love to eat! George went to "daycare" at his grandfather's Italian bakery and inherited his love of cooking and sharing meals. After stuffing his pockets with chocolate chips throughout childhood, though, George no longer has a sweet tooth! Beth, on the other hand, has been known to be a "cookie monster" and thanks her mother for teaching her how to cook and bake.

How can we have such discerning palates? When you have a stuffy nose as often as Beth does (allergies), you have to be really mindful and sip slowly. Taste-testing espresso means sitting down, closing our eyes, and letting our imaginations run free.


Oct 20, 2018 Daniel Kennedy