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Aug 11, 2016Daniel Kennedy

La Colombe - Brazil - Matilde Mahogany Review!

Once again, we had La Colombe Workshop coffee beans for our Minipresso tasting, and once again, we enjoyed demonstrating the Minipresso in a new locale. We joined Beth’s globetrotting friends and colleagues for brunch en plein air. Ben, Sarah, and Rebecca kindly shared their tasting notes with us.


Brazil – Matilde Mahogany


Origin: Beans grown at Fazenda Matilde based in Angelândia, in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil; roasted and packed in Pennsylvania, USA



Before The Brew: George walked up to me (Beth) with the open bag of whole beans and held it close to my face saying, “You need to smell this.” Seasonal allergies have somewhat dulled my acute sense of smell, but I couldn’t miss the gorgeous, softly sweet toasted nut aroma. Upon seeing macadamia and toasted coconut on the bag, everything fell into place.



Minipresso Tasting: As George poured a shot with a light, peaches-and-cream-tinged crema, Ben reflected on his recent trip to Italy, where he enjoyed two or three shots of espresso every day — and how it compared to his usual morning “cuppa.” They engaged in a discussion about the various methods of brewing coffee and how the Minipresso, while small, brews coffee grounds under pressure, resulting in espresso.


Sarah took the first cup and, noting a dark chocolate perfume, remarked on the smooth, somewhat woody essence. Up next was Ben, who appreciated that the beans weren’t over-roasted, resulting in a rich flavor. Rebecca smiled and envisioned herself enjoying a romantic morning at an Italian café. She tasted a slight tanginess that quickly gave way to velvety-feeling, full-bodied flavor.


I kept my friends’ comments in mind as I savored each sip. The first taste I identified was a mild citrus, almost like an orange tea softened by honey. Then came rich cocoa flavors, like Sarah had found — think 80% dark chocolate rather than candy bars. Last but not least, I detected, of all things, a touch of blueberry pie.



Written by Beth and George McKie




Aug 11, 2016 Daniel Kennedy