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Jul 29, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Meet Our Ambassadors: Amamos Cafes

Part of our ongiong Meet Our Ambassadors series.  Meet Rick and Aline of  Amamos Cafés!

What do you do / where have your travels taken you?
1 - For many years we have traveled the world. Portugal, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, USA, France, Brazil, among others. We want freedom to dream and specialty coffees!
What's your favorite thing about the Nanopresso?
2 - We like the convenience of making an espresso anywhere in the world with just coffee and hot water. But of course, we like the design and ease in cleaning too!
What's the coolest place you've made a Nanopresso?
3 - We made our espresso in a region of Brazilian mountains surrounded by coffee trees. It was a wonderful feeling, uniting coffee and nature!
What are your future plans? 
4 - Our future plans are always linked to specialty coffees. We are passionate about specialty coffees and will visit many coffee shops and farms around the world.

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Jul 29, 2018 Daniel Kennedy