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Aug 21, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Meet Our Ambassadors: Brent Doscher

Meet Wacaco Ambassador: Brent Doscher!
What’s your background, who are you?  Notable accomplishments, etc.

Who am I?  That's a question that I even have trouble answering sometimes!  I guess you could say that I'm a professional outdoor sports and event photographer first and foremost, but I think that a big part of my identity lies in my outdoor passions, whether that's biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, mountaineering, or really anything outdoors.  Being an outdoor sports photographer really allows me the opportunity to engage in the pursuits I love, while documenting these unique experiences for the world to enjoy. Some of my favorite highlights in the past few years have been skiing in the North Fjords of Iceland, alpine climbing in both North Cascades National Park and the Sierras, summiting all of New Hampshire's 48 4000 foot peaks in one winter, and taking a month long van trip across the US and Canada to explore our continent's national parks.
Photo by  Photo by Cait Bourgault
Tell us about your Iceland trip and how you incorporated the Nanopresso.  Any interesting stories?
Our Iceland trip was such an incredible experience.  Despite unseasonably warm temps and pretty heavy rain rushing into the north fjords just before we arrived, we lucked out with weather and had a great week of skiing with friends and exploring the surrounding areas.  That's not to say the ski conditions were what every big mountain skier dreams of.  Getting the good snow usually meant being out of the house before sunrise and skinning to the top of our iced up skin track before the sun would come out and soften up the snow just the right amount before turning it into heavy cement later in the day.  

I brought the Nanopresso along on those early morning days, and after a couple hours of skinning in the dark, my friends would start clamoring for some caffeine.  We would declare a cafe break and sit around making espresso and eating snacks as the rising sun warmed us.

What impressed you most about the Nanopresso?
The Nanopresso is an impressive little machine.  When I first got my hands on one, I thought there was no way that such a simple contraption could make a good cup of espresso.  I was quickly proven wrong.  Additionally, the clean up was super easy.  On our long days in the backcountry, all we have to do is bring a thermos of hot water and a spare ziploc bag for the used grounds, and we can make enough coffee to keep us going even on the biggest objectives! When we got back from our Iceland trip I even found myself using the Nanopresso at home!
Aug 21, 2018 Daniel Kennedy