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Aug 06, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Meet Our Ambassadors: Sailor Alex

Part of our ongiong Meet Our Ambassadors series.  Meet Alexandre!
1)  What do you do / where have your travels taken you?
I'm a photographer and video director.
I arrived in Lille 2 years ago and really love exploring this city.
I have traveled to many States in America including, Colorado, California, The East Coast.
I have also travelled to numerous countries in Europe too.
2)  What's your favorite thing about the Nanopresso?
I really appreciate the Nanopresso because of its size.
I really appreciate early morning sunrises in nature, or on a rooftop to spend a few minutes preparing coffee.
If it is too small, I can take my Nanopresso in my camera bag.
Even in trains and cars it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
3)  What's the coolest place you've made a Nanopresso?
The coolest place I used the Nanopresso was undoubtedly at the top of a bell tower in works, while admiring the sunrise.
However, having a coffee while admiring a sunset is also just as amazing!
I especially look forward to being able to prepare my coffee at each rooftop... it is a kind of reward for all my efforts.
4) What are your future plans? 
There are still so many more places I could take my Nanopresso.
I never hesitate to take it everywhere because it is such a phenomenal machine.
Coffee is always a good thing! Taking my nanopresso places also gives me an opportunity to share cool moment with other people.


Aug 06, 2018 Daniel Kennedy