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Jun 25, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso and La Colombe: Colombia – San Roque

Hi there, it’s Beth and George again! Recently, we headed to George’s hometown to share a meal (and espresso) with his parents in their home. We were all thrilled to discover this month’s partner is La Colombe because George’s mother is the person who introduced us to the television series, Dangerous Grounds (later Uncommon Grounds), starring Todd Carmichael, CEO and co-founder of the Philadelphia-based coffee roasting company.


La Colombe has cafes scattered around the United States, so we’re fortunate to have tried their espresso in house while on vacation. At home, we usually reserve La Colombe coffee beans for brewing a Sunday morning ‘cup of joe,’ so we were eager to try La Colombe in espresso form for once. Good thing we had our Minipresso because 1) George’s parents don’t have an espresso machine and 2) it’s so delicious, we’ll definitely do it again! 


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Colombia – San Roque

"Origin: Beans grown by Asociacion San Roque based in Oparapa, in the Huila Department of Colombia; roasted and packed in Pennsylvania, US



Before The Brew: Although we held a blind tasting, we knew beforehand that we were trying light roast beans, so the rich aromas pleasantly surprised us. George’s mother found hints of cinnamon, while Beth thought she picked up notes of cherry and raisin. Digging deeper, we agreed that the scent reminded us of a garden after rainfall.

Minipresso Tasting: For our first out-of-home Minipresso use, we worried that we might mess up our shot pouring. We needn’t have worried one bit! San Roque may have given us our best crema yet—thick, foamy, and heavenly. The espresso itself tasted milder than its dark roast cousins, but smooth and silky just the same. All three of us commented on the nutty flavor, but from there, our reviews diverted from the package’s promise of clementine, cherry cola, and chocolate notes. Beth’s sips reminded her of a latte with sweet cream or vanilla, while George found a mix of slightly bitter chocolate and toffee, with an earthy finish.


 Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of La Colombe's YirgZ and Matilde Mohogany!


Written by Beth and George McKie




Jun 25, 2016 Daniel Kennedy