Minipresso Cocktails #5:  Pumpkin Beer Latte | Wacaco
Oct 28, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso Cocktails #5: Pumpkin Beer Latte

Pumpkin Beer Latte





1 Tall Minipresso  (Death Wish Coffee)

1 Pint of Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Four Noses Pump Action)

Double Shot Irish Cream





Fill the martini shaker with ice. Pour in a tall Minipresso and the double shot of Irish Cream. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds to imbue microbubbles into the Espresso/Cream mixture; creating a cold froth. Fill a glass up to 3/4 with Beer and top off with the espresso + irish cream foam.  Enjoy!!








Oct 28, 2016 Daniel Kennedy