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Apr 15, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso Cocktails #9: Reverse Engineered Chocolate Coffee Porter (Gluten Free)

We’re going to get a little experimental this week for Minipresso cocktails. We started thinking, what would it be like to reverse engineer the flavors of a drink, using none of the actual initial ingredients? Normally a coffee porter is made from roasted malts, yeast, hops, and water and through the fermentation process the tasting notes of coffee and chocolate develop and come through in the final beer. For an added spin, we decided to make this gluten free, since the typical beer is a no-go for some of our friends on a gluten free diet.


So, we got our hands on a double chocolate vodka, some carbonated water, and the secret ingredient (hint: It’s a Minipresso).


For a cocktail version - use ice. For an authentic beer mouthfeel, try it without ice.





Pour a double shot of Double Chocolate flavored Vodka into a Pint glass.


Pour carbonated water to about 3/4 way


Pre-make Minipresso (tall is better) into a cup


Pour Minipresso, hard, into the glass.


The harder and higher the pour, the more carbon dioxide will be released. And we know from our Crema Science post, that crema is created from the release of carbon dioxide, in much the same way the head of a beer is created. Top off with more seltzer, poured hard but carefully, to get the desired head.


Play with the ingredients to your preference, if you’d like it more boozey and chocolatey, add more vodka. If you’d like a darker “beer”, add another Minipresso to get a stronger, richer flavor. More bubbles? = More Seltzer. Switch the steps and add the seltzer last if you want a particular large frothy head. Looking for more of a Scotch Ale taste, add Scotch! (in place of the vodka). Experiment with this one, the ingredients are easy to come by and the process is easy. After all; variety is the spice of life!




Apr 15, 2017 Daniel Kennedy