Minipresso Cocktails #6:  Minipresso Snowbank! | Wacaco
Dec 02, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso Cocktails #6: Minipresso Snowbank!

Minipresso Snowbank!


Get into that Holiday Spirit with the Minipresso Snowbank!



Ice Cubes

4 Shots Coconut Rum

2 Shots or 1 Tall Minipresso

1/3 Can Coconut Milk

Shredded Coconut





Fill blender 3/4 way full with ice cubes


Pour in 4 shots of Coconut Rum


Add a large double shot Minipresso espresso


Add 1/3 can Coconut Milk


Blend to desired consistency


Pour honey onto a plate, and place a glass rim first into the honey. Spin the glass to coat the edges. Dip glass into a plate of shredded coconut to coat rim. Pour in Blended Minipresso Snowbank. Enjoy!




Dec 02, 2016 Daniel Kennedy