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Jul 15, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso - Death Wish Coffee

Our latest partner made us wide-eyed and giddy even before we tried their product. True coffee fanatics have been raving about Death Wish Coffee since it appeared on the scene in 2012 promising to deliver “the world’s strongest coffee.” Owner and Founder Mike Brown concocted the perfect mix of beans and roasted them according to his exacting specifications.



One cup (12 fl oz) of Death Wish coffee contains 660 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of 8.5 shots of the standard espresso according to Caffeine Informer! We’re not sure of the exact math when the potent brew is condensed into a shot of delicious Minipresso, but trust us when we say Death Wish really packs a punch in espresso form! If you’re taking your Minipresso on the go, a snack or meal makes a great complement to the buzz.


Death Wish Coffee Company

Origin: Beans roasted and packed in Upstate New York, USA


Before The Brew: Adorned with the skull and crossbones logo, the straightforward black packaging makes the nature of its contents very clear. The coffee beans glisten like onyx gemstones, yet they do not smell over-roasted; instead, they possess a seductively sweet floral fragrance.

Minipresso Tasting: The hues of crème caramel (or flan, if you will) graced the foamy cremas atop our espresso shots. We couldn’t find anything sinister in Death Wish espresso—it wouldn’t be out of place served in an upscale café. George tasted earthy, almost malty notes and a satisfying hint of bitterness in his shot.


Beth had two espressos (on separate days) to help her sort out the subtle nuances (and, frankly, to power her through her mornings). On the first go, she noticed black cherry and dark chocolate flavors reminiscent of Black Forest cake, only not too cloyingly sweet. Then came notes of black tea, incense, and the woody earthiness George had described earlier.


The next day’s shot evoked childhood memories of warming up by a wood stove with cousins in Maine. Despite the essence of kindling on fire, the espresso is really light and smooth on the tongue! Maybe it was the imagery straight out of The Christmas Song playing tricks on her, but Beth perceived the taste of roasted chestnuts.





Written by Beth and George McKie



Jul 15, 2016 Daniel Kennedy