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May 27, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso MTB: 4 Reasons to Shred with Minipresso!

We recently embarked on a rainy mountain bike-packing adventure in the rainy Pacific North West. Nothing beats re-stocking your energy and warming yourself back up with a piping hot Minipresso!



1) Get amped for the send! A little caffeine can improve your focus on the tricky technical parts.


2)  Warm Up! If you’re on a multi-day you might not be able to escape the rain. After a torrential downpour nothing lifts your spirits and warms you back up like a fresh hot Minipresso.


 3) Improve Performance and Recovery. Like we mentioned in our last post,  Why your daily espresso could be good for your health, according to SCIENCE, espresso can boost both performance / endurance and aid recovery by increasing glycogen absorption. Especially good for long rides!


 4) Portability. Pre-pack a filter basket or pod and get going! We had the Minipresso and hot water stowed away in our packs, easy to throw it in a saddle bag, backpack, or pocket of your hydration system.




You don’t have to settle for bad coffee when you are your own barista! Get out and hit the trails and roads, Minipresso at your side!



We've been keeping our buds (pictured above) over at TroupeRacing fueled for their adventures and races, head over to their IG to see more Minipresso bike action!



May 27, 2017 Daniel Kennedy