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Jul 29, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso NS for Nespresso® Capsules!

The much anticipated, long awaited Minipresso NS for Nespresso® capsules is here! After some testing at home and in the field we wanted to share our thoughts about how it compares mainly to the Minipresso GR.


As you may know, there are legions of diehard adoring Nespresso® fans, whose preferred method of caffeination lies within these tiny perfectly designed espresso filled capsules. Wacaco listened to your demands, and here is the result.


Fresh from the factory we got to try out the new NS, and there is actually a noticeable variance when using the Minipresso NS verses our beloved Minipresso GR, and it really comes down to a matter of preference. The interesting thing is that the Nespresso® capsules produce a different texture Minipresso, the only thing I could compare it to be would be the difference between a Nitro Beer and a C02 beer. The “bubbles" are smaller, and the mouthfeel is distinct. The texture lays more on the creamier side, and this adds another level of taste, a spicy flavor that I liken to a high end cafe espresso. There is also a small visual difference in the actually coffee, below the crema. It appears more opaque. If you’re a stickler for consistency, using the Nespresso® version is a way to get the exact same result every single time. While the flagship GR opens you up to the variety of the lifelong mission of trying every coffee roast out there, and experimenting with different grinds. The NS allows you to get right to the espresso. No grinding or packing, just pop in the nearly weightless pod and you’re ready to brew. Quick, light, and clean.



We’ll be interchanging these quite often in our own coffee utility belt. When we want to travel super light and clean, we’ll pack our NS. When we want to sample a variety of freshly ground choice roasts, or need to stock up for a long trip, the GR will be in our back pocket. So why not collect them all?





*Nespresso® is a third-party brand that has no connection with Wacaco Company Limited.



Jul 29, 2016 Daniel Kennedy