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Oct 06, 2016Daniel Kennedy

#MinipressoAdventures - What to Pack!


With a few accessories you’ll be able to streamline your whole adventure coffee process.


Minipresso Kit: With the Minipresso Kit you can pre-pack 3 extra filter baskets with lids. This saves on time and clean up, without having to worry about what to do with your spent coffee grounds.


Another plus to the kit is MORE COFFEE! You can make Lungo shots with the larger water tank, or easily make 2 Minipressos to share with an adventure bud.


Minipresso Case: Keeps your Minipresso safe! The durable Minipresso Case gives you one extra line of protection to your already very durable Minipresso.


Everything packs up nice and easy, the filter baskets fit inside of the large water tank and the cups easily attach to your Minipresso and kit. We recommend an isobutane camping stove, these things pack down super small, are virtually weightless, and will boil an entire liter of water in under 3.5 minutes. With these tools in your portable barista kit, you’ll be enjoying your outdoor espresso in style!



Oct 06, 2016 Daniel Kennedy