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Dec 15, 2016Daniel Kennedy

#MinipressoAdventures with Baja Adventures!

This weeks guest blog is by our buds over at Baja Adventures! Their Mission Statement reads:



"We are firm believers of protecting the environment and that's is why we engage in ecotourism rather than just regular tours. Our main objective is for our adventurers to find a deep and meaningful connection with Baja's environment and learn to live a more sustainable life, we care about the earth and all its inhabitants because we passionately believe that this world is not only for us (humans) but for all living things!"



As a brand who advocates spending time outdoors, Baja’s mission statement rings true with us here at Wacaco. They got the chance to take a few Minipressos on their last off-road trip down in Baja, and heres a little snippet from their adventure:



"Javier began preparing breakfast, and it was here that we had the amazing opportunity of using the Wacaco Minipresso, which is a handheld espresso machine that permits you to enjoy the deliciousness of hot espresso anywhere, anytime, especially when you are going al fresco on the weekend."




"We were really impressed by the easiness of using this product. The taste and warmth captivated us and we had to reload several times because we simply loved it! So, huge shout out to this mini espresso warrior and thank you Wacaco Minipresso for trusting us on taking your product out for an adventure down in Baja."


"While enjoying our espresso and breakfast we were surprised by a herd of horses. They approached silently and started drinking water from the river. It was such a magical moment to experience this. It was also very cool to see how Cisco reacted to his first encounter with animals, while being outdoors."


To read more about this trip and their many other epic adventures head here, take a look at more of their beautiful photos on Instagram, or book an excursion to experience the pristine environment of the beautiful and remote Baja Peninsula for yourself by shooting them an e-mail



Dec 15, 2016 Daniel Kennedy