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Apr 06, 2017Hugo Cailleton

Nanopresso: What to Expect?

Since the introduction of our innovative Minipresso, back in 2014, we have never stopped looking forward and dreamed to reach higher perfection. But path to excellence is long and strewn with difficulties. It took us time, lot of research and many prototypes to achieve our goal. Thanks to your support, feedbacks, and comments, you have help us to push our limits and to keep us focus. Today we are proud to present what we consider to be our best handheld espresso machine, the Nanopresso.

Over the next few weeks we will disclose step by step in this blog post what to expect from our new little espresso machine. So stay tuned!

In our journey to create a better compact espresso machine, we did not aim at saving cents here and there if it had to impact the quality of the device. Instead we focused on designing a product we could all really be proud to own and use. Performance, robustness and aspect was at the top of the improvement list. Every little detail has received all the attention of our engineers and designers. So that 95% of the parts used in the manufacturing of the Nanopresso are new.

At first look, your attention will be caught by the dimension of the Nanopresso. The length has been reduced by 2 cm. It's definitely much shorter than the Minipresso. Surprisingly we have been able to increase the capacity of the water tank to 80 ml.

The Nanopresso is also a bit lighter compared to the Minipresso, less 26 grams. It seems not much, but considering that the whole structure has been reinforced, that we use stronger and heavier materials, and that the Nanopresso feels so solid, it's fantastic to know that the weight has decreased slightly.

Based on users feedback, it was essential that some improvements should be made regarding the cleaning process. The outlet head has been completely redesigned to be easily disassemble, so each part can be cleaned separately.

The main body inner surface, where is positioned the filter basket, has been simplified to avoid to have too many crannies in which coffee can easily accumulate.

18 BAR (261 PSI) PRESSURE - APRIL 19th
Our newly patented pumping system is now able to reach a maximum of 18 bar (261 PSI) pressure for an even better extraction. The parts and seals have been updated to hold and withstand that very high amount of pressure. The best is that you will need less force to reach that level. Nanopresso require 15% less power to push the pumping knob. For example with the Minipresso, at 16 bar pressure (232 PSI) you will need to press the knob with a force equal to 13.6 kg (30 lbs). But with the Nanopresso the force drops to 11.6 kg (25.60 lbs). 2kg (4.40 lbs) is a big difference and ladies will certainly appreciate this improvement.

Nanopresso comes with some new instructions. We recommend to add 8 gr of fine coffee grind into the filter basket and apply a hard tamp, really hard. Most of the pre-grinded coffee beans will work very well under those conditions, thanks to the 18 bar pressure (261 PSI).

If you want to get the best from the Nanopresso, you will have to fine tune the grinding. A good grinder will come in handy. As a very fine coffee grind will increase the inner pressure we have added a pressure release valve which will open at 18 bar (261 PSI). The grinding will be the key to come close to that pressure level without going over. Once you get it right, you will enjoy the most amazing espresso shot.

Here is the extraction result using hot water. Previously I have run one cycle to warm up the Nanopresso. The coffee grind is the same than for the cold brew test. I used 8 grams of fine coffee grind and applied a hard tamp.

The crema is much darker and dense. The espresso has a full body taste. It's just perfect. LOVE IT! I even can't reach this level of extraction with our benchmark countertop espresso machine.

By using a specific adapter ring and a larger filter basket (16 grams), accessories sold separately, Nanopresso can prepare double espresso. The coffee grind used in the test below is the same than previously. I have also applied a hard tamp.

The crema is slightly darker but most importantly the taste is unbelievable. For the double espresso addict, this is a game changer. In this configuration, the Nanopresso is still shorter than the Minipresso.

Let me share with you one of our early tests in which we used cold water coming directly from the water tap.

Even if the coffee in the test above is completely cold, the extraction is already excellent. The crema has a very nice color and the espresso taste surprisingly good. Cold brew will be great for the summer. Very excited about that!


Dimension 156x71x62 mm 6.14x2.8x2.44 in
Weight 336 g 0.74 lb
Water capacity 80 ml 2.70 US fl oz
Ground capacity 8 g 0.28 oz
Maximum pressure 18 bar 261 psi

Note: Finals products appearance may slightly differ from the ones shown in above photos.

Please use the comment section below to share your impressions and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

The pre-order campaign is now closed. From July 2017 Nanopresso will be available in our online store at the retail price of $79.90.

If you have any question, please send us an email at

Apr 06, 2017 Hugo Cailleton