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Dec 02, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Nanopresso Hacks!

Here's some (not-so) TOP SECRET Nanopresso hacks to up your barista game.

Color Version NS Adapter - pop out the inside part of the NS Adapter nozzle by pushing with one finger on the outside through the hole.  Repeat the process with the color nozzle, and swap the insides.

Minipresso Case for Nanopresso + Adapter - The NS and Barista Kits make the Nano too long for the Nano case, BUT it fit’s nice and snugly in the longer Minipresso case!

Carry Pods or Extra Baskets - Bring extra pods or filter baskets inside of your water tank!

Easiest Clean Up - wait a few minutes after extraction and your espresso puck will be nice and dry for an easy clean up.  One wack of the filter basket should do it!

Nespresso Pod Lungo - Use the large water tank from your barista kit, and Lungo pod for an authentic Lungo with the exact right amount of espresso!

Pre-Heat - run hot water though your Nano to heat up the insides before you brew.  This will leave you with a hotter final shot, better extraction, and richer crema.

Double Hulled Espresso Cup - The air between the walls of these glass cups insulates, keeping your espresso piping hot.

Extra Strong Shot - use the large filter basket from the Barista kit and the regular sized water tank for an extra rich shot.

Americano - use the large water tank, without the double espresso adapter and use the regular sized filter basket to create more quanity of a lighter espresso, similar to an Americano.

Giant Crema - add a spritz of carbonated water into your espresso.  This causes a quick release of carbon dioxide which is what crema is composed of.  You can get a nice extra frothy head on your shot this way!

Cold Brew - use colder water instead of hot!  More enjoyable with the Barista Kit for a smoother, lighter, cool espresso drink.

Tri-Color Nanopresso - Mix and Match!  Variety is the spice of life!  The more Nano’s you collect, the more options you have!  




Dec 02, 2017 Daniel Kennedy