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May 18, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Nanopresso #RVlife

Meet our buds over at Mixed Tape Drifters, and read below for an excerpt from their first adventure to Bryce Canyon an their thoughts on the Nanopresso:


After several years of living in arguably the most magnificent metropolis in the world, New York, we decided to ditch our urban existence and 9-5 grind for life on the open road. We traded in our apartment building in Brooklyn for a 2016 Fleetwood Bounder RV named Doris, swapped subway fare for a Jeep Wrangler, and set our sights south for adventure.


"The first day we arrived, the snow was so thick you couldn’t see a hoodoo or canyon anywhere. Far too cold and wet to make an enjoyable hiking day, we took a mid-trip day of reprieve. Despite the cold weather, this was by far our favorite park of the trip and top three of all time. Between the hoodoos that reach up to touch the clouds to the absolutely breathtaking night sky, littered with stars, Bryce Canyon is full of magic and wonder. We hiked the entire second day along the figure eight loop, which included the Queen’s Garden, Peek-a-Boo loop and half of the Navajo Loop (Wall Street was unfortunately still closed). Around every corner of this hike was a new vista, unique rock formation and jaw dropping landscape."


 "When you live life on the road, every day is an adventure -- and that adventure requires a lot of caffeine to keep going. As full time RVers, we love the portability and quality Nanopresso offers to our on-the-go lifestyle. Nanopresso is perfect for when we are on long drives and we don't want to pull over to for an unappetizing gas station coffee or take precious time off our drive to brew a pot. We also love taking Nanopresso with us on hikes, especially when we are chasing a sunrise, camping, or off-roading in our jeep. Plus, Nanopresso's small size is perfect for our compact lifestyle, where space is a high commodity in an RV."

"The beautiful thing about life on the road is even when your vacation ends, there is immediately something next to look forward to. Another trip to plan, another destination on the horizon."

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May 18, 2018 Daniel Kennedy