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Mar 31, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo: Different Brew Styles with the Minipresso NS

There are many different ways to enjoy the ambrosia that is espresso, here’s three popular espresso preparation methods and how you can use your Minipresso NS to create them at home or on the go.




Ristretto = 25 ml for 15 seconds

Pod = Ristretto


A Ristretto is a shorter pull to create a more potent, less bitter shot of espresso. Traditionally the quantity is very small at 15ml, which is why many cafe’s will pour a double-Ristretto for you (two spouts at 15ml for 15 seconds). Nespresso® recommends a .25ml shot for their Ristretto pod, so that’s the amount we aimed for. The Minipresso Method would be to fill your regular sized water tank all of the way, and then using a Nespresso® Ristretto capsule pump to about half of your normal quantity, as you need a full water tank to create enough pressure to pull the shot. You can really taste the difference here and visibly see a darker, thicker shot in your Ristretto. The advantage of a Ristretto is that you have a thicker, richer espresso, without the bitterness that is created after extended exposure to hot water. Much of the “bitter” taste we identify with an espresso shot comes form the last half of the pull as the beans are exposed to more and more heat pulling more acidity out of the beans.



Espresso = 50ml for 30 seconds

Pod = Roma


A standard espresso pull takes about 30 seconds and creates about 30ml. The Minipresso creates about 50ml (essentially a doppio / double shot) in that same amount of time, as we know most of our customers (and the world) prefers a little more coffee in their cup. Most cafe’s offer a double-shot as their standard “one shot”.



Lungo = 100ml for 1 minute

Pod = Fortissio Lungo


The Lungo is a large (long) espresso, pulled with more water for more time. The advantage? MORE COFFEE. The Minipresso accomplishes this with our Large Water Tank. For this blog we chose Nespresso’s® Fortissio Lungo because it’s formulated perfectly to fit this amount and style of espresso.



Wacaco LTD is in no way affiliated with Nespresso®, but we sure love their products.



Mar 31, 2017 Daniel Kennedy