Roast Review- Kaladi Coffee Roaster
Jan 07, 2023Daniel Kennedy

Roast Review- Kaladi Coffee Roaster

I first saw Kaladi Coffee Roasters while grabbing a bite to eat at a well-loved cafe called Wash Perk, near Washington Park in Denver. Unfortunately it was a little too late in the day for me to be enjoying an espresso but I kept the name in the back of my head. Just days later, a friend of mine was raving about Kaladi, so I knew I had to give it a try myself. “Kaladi” comes from a legend that proposes that coffee was first discovered by a goat herder named Kaladi who was living in the land of Arabia Felix. You can read the full legend here! I appreciate that the company prides itself on providing quality coffee, quality equipment for their process, air roasting, and creating a space for community and communication. It seemed that Wacaco and Kaladi were already aligned in values, so I was excited to learn more and try the espresso for myself!

Trieste Caffe Espresso

First Impressions

James smelled the beans first and remarked on notes that were dark, rich, and nutty. I took the bag of beans from him and inhaled, noting all that he had mentioned plus something a bit sweet. 

“It smells like coffee should,” I said laughing. These days coffee can be so complex and I enjoyed the refreshing smell of coffee beans that wasn’t trying to be anything else. I had gotten a tip off that Kaladi tends to be most aligned with old-school Seattle style espresso, so the experience thus far made sense.

It’s safe to say we enjoyed our initial impressions, so we were eager to grind up the beans and bring the Nanopresso into the mix! I ground the beans and doing so filled our kitchen with the rich smell of espresso. While water boiled, I packed the grinds into the filter basket, and then it was go-time!

Tasting notes 

The Nanopresso and Kaladi espresso worked incredibly well together - producing a syrupy and dark body, topped with a luxurious crema. James took the first sip and immediately said “Mmmm, this is a bold flavor! For me this is your traditional dark espresso.” He also remarked that it held a nice, rich body and guessed there could be notes of cognac.

I tried the espresso next and noted that it was both sweet and dark. I could taste some baking chocolate and perhaps toasted nuts. As we had just returned from walking the dog on a cold morning, this espresso held the ideal warmth and flavor.

The Reveal

In their words, this espresso is described as “deep, rich, with a satisfying liquor flavor that doesn’t sour as the beverage cools.” I totally know what they mean with the souring that can happen - it’s the worst. Although I can’t promise that you’ll even get to that point, as we were eager to drink it all straight away! We agree that this is the ideal espresso to sip on a chilly morning, preferably when snow is lightly falling.


Jan 07, 2023 Daniel Kennedy