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Mar 15, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Roast Review: Mr. Wrigley’s Roasters - Dark Roast

Roast reviews brought to you by Beth and George.

Our final taste test for Mr. Wrigley’s Roasters almost didn’t happen as planned due to a series of storms knocking out electricity in the region. Sure, we could have made espresso in our Nanopresso with water boiled on our gas stove, but the experience wouldn’t have been the same without our special guests, Monika and Katie! Fortunately, the power came back on in the early hours, and Beth’s longtime friends found safe, clear roads for their drive up.


Mr. Wrigley’s Roasters


Spouses Doug and Laura Nepodal are responsible for the mesmerizing micro-roasted batches of coffee beans in the coastal Southern California town of Carpinteria, just below Santa Barbara. With beans sourced directly at the “farm gate,” Mr. Wrigley’s Roasters can deliver the highest quality product while ensuring farmers receive wages above Fair Trade standards. You could say it’s a win-win situation for producers and consumers…  but it’s really a win-win-WIN for rescue dogs, too! Mr. Wrigley is a real-life member of the Nepodal family, not just a cute steampunk bulldog plastered on the coffee bag label. In his honor, the company donates five percent of their profits to Southern California Bulldog Rescue.


Dark Roast

Single origin beans grown in Llano Bonito de Naranjo, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica, and processed at Helsar Eliomar Lopez; roasted and packed in Carpinteria, California


First Impressions


As we handed the pouch around, Katie picked up nutty undertones and Beth noticed a hint of licorice. Then we discussed the roasting process, and George explained why coffee beans are roasted to different shades. “Caffeine is burned off during the roasting process, so dark roasted beans have less caffeine than lighter roasts,” he said. Some occasions call for intense espresso flavor without intense buzz – such as our afternoon luncheon. Each cup resembled a mini mug of hot cocoa with a dense crema on top, impressing our guests even before the first sip.


Tasting Notes


Ever the coffee connoisseur, George praised the Dark Roast for being perfectly roasted to bring out cacao and toffee flavors without any bitterness. Espresso newbie Monika appreciated the smoothness, too, and the caramel color with a subtle taste to match. Speaking of matches, this is the perfect espresso to pair with dessert! Our party enjoyed dipping Katie’s homemade cookies in our drinks, and we agreed it was the perfect post-meal pick-me-up, especially on a cold winter’s day. Katie suggested trying it with traditional Italian biscotti next time. Beth and Monika further suggested Mr. Wrigley’s Dark Roast would be beautiful in a latte or a cocktail with Irish cream liqueur. “This espresso is a barista’s dream!” said Beth.




Mar 15, 2018 Daniel Kennedy