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Feb 23, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Roast Review: Mr Wrigley's Roasters - Medium Roast

Wacaco’s Nanopresso arrived on our doorstep just in time for our next espresso tasting! We received the double espresso adapter and Barista Kit as well, so if you see us bursting with energy and excitement, we’ve probably enjoyed a double espresso or two. On a tip from friends, we used the double espresso adapter, large filter basket, and the small water tank to get an even bolder flavor. Spoiler alert: it was awesome! George found the Nanopresso easier to grip, too, and appreciated the included tamp.


Mr. Wrigley’s Roasters

Spouses Doug and Laura Nepodal are responsible for the mesmerizing micro-roasted batches of coffee beans in the coastal Southern California town of Carpinteria, just below Santa Barbara. With beans sourced directly at the “farm gate,” Mr. Wrigley’s Roasters can deliver the highest quality product while ensuring farmers receive wages above Fair Trade standards. You could say it’s a win-win situation for producers and consumers…  but it’s really a win-win-WIN for rescue dogs, too! Mr. Wrigley is a real-life member of the Nepodal family, not just a cute steampunk bulldog plastered on the coffee bag label. In his honor, the company donates five percent of their profits to Southern California Bulldog Rescue.

Medium Roast

Origin: Single origin beans grown in Yirga and dry processed (Grade 1) at Dumerso, Ethiopia; roasted and packed in Carpinteria, California

First Impressions

“Chocolate and blueberries, definitely,” George said, exhaling, before passing the package of Medium Roast beans to Beth. “You read that directly off the label!,” she replied.

Although we make it a point to ignore any suggested notes on coffee packaging before our taste test, we sometimes slip up. As it so happens, George hadn’t read them, but they turned out to be startlingly accurate. Before the brew, Beth also got a whiff of Amaretto and macaroons (not to be confused with macarons, although those pair excellently with espresso as well). Her family used to make macaroons with almonds and a maraschino cherry on top, and this batch of beans evoked fond holiday memories.

Tasting Notes

“Is this a pint of Guinness or a shot of espresso?” quipped George, noting the thick, foamy crema in his cup. We expected a striking flavor when we changed up the bean-to-water ratio, but the crema was a bonus! The package’s note description (Notes of high % cacao bar, ripe blueberry & fruit Lambic) again proved to be accurate! We were briefly transported to a bar where we tried raspberry Lambic on one of our first dates. Then, George recalled a past summer vacation in Maine when he ate blueberries fresh off the bush. Back in the present, we agreed that the flavors played well together and lingered on the palate, finishing in intense dark chocolate flavor.



Feb 23, 2018 Daniel Kennedy