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May 25, 2021Daniel Kennedy

Roast Reviews: Bushcraft Coffee Company - Backwoods Bourbon Blend

Here's a roast that's the perfect transition between your morning coffee and your evening whiskey brought to us by Buschraft Coffee Company.

In their own words:  

"We take our Brazil Cerrado and age it in a bourbon barrel from Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta, GA. What do you get?  You get a farmer-direct 100% Arabica super smooth medium bodied coffee with flavors of cacao mixed with a bourbon that has similar cacao flavors but with subtle sweetness. The finish is comfortably full and exceptionally long."

Bean Aroma – If a study has a smell, this is it. Well worn books, tobacco leaves, dried dates. In whiskey distilling the portion of the spirit that evaporates in the barrel aging process is called the Angel's Share, while the portion trapped into the wood of the barrel is known as the Devil's Cut. If you've ever smelled a plank of bourbon barrel wood, it retains that bit of smoke with the sweet wood smell with an alcohol nose – that's exactly what these beans smell like.

Ground – after grinding the scent intensifies with hints of more spice.

Brew Aroma – the smell of the fresh brew is reminiscent of cinnamon rolls, cookies, ginger snaps – with notes of aged leather.  The smell of breakfast in a favorite leather chair.

Taste – we brewed first as a pour over using the Cuppmoka. First impressions are black licorice and Kräuterlikörwhich then mellows out and transforms as you drink, in much the same way your palate attunes to the nuances of a fine bourbon or cigar as the evening progresses. The original astringency becomes mellow, and the flavors end as hot cocoa.

Then we made a very strong ristretto espresso using our top secret new brewer (follow this link to be the first to know all about it!). Take everything I mentioned above, and imagine it concentrated it into a more potent and dense creamy version. Turn all of the flavors up to 11. Woo, this shot had a kick!  This brew method causes the taste to linger longer on the tongue, just as a good bourbon would.

May 25, 2021 Daniel Kennedy