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Sep 15, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Roast Reviews: Volcano Coffee Works Pods - Bold: Morning Shot

The “New” Pod-Compatible Minipresso

Is it possible to enjoy a perfect espresso pour every time, without fail, using a handheld espresso maker?

When using the Nespresso® pod-compatible Minipresso NS or the brand new Nanopresso (adapter coming soon!), the answer is a resounding yes! Espresso pod producers developed the perfect ground bean-to-hot water ratio, alleviating your worries about under or over-tamping your espresso. Whether you’re on the go or sitting in your kitchen, the process has become quicker and easier without sacrificing quality.

And if you prefer supporting independent coffee roasters, we’ve got you covered! We’re especially eager to introduce you to Volcano Coffee Works because their pods are 100% compostable, completely disintegrating within 150 days, rather than years. That ought to help our adventurous friends lighten their packs and their hearts.

Volcano Coffee Works

Working in London’s artsy, multicultural Brixton neighborhood, Volcano roasters create inspired small-batch coffees using ethically traded, premium coffee beans. Their recyclable pod packaging resembles a classic novel, but you don’t have to turn in a book report. Rather, you can select pods based on your espresso preferences, such as Bold: Morning Shot; Balanced: All Day; or Reserve: Rich Sweet.

Bold: Morning Shot

Origin:  Fair trade beans grown in the Huila Department of Colombia; roasted and packed in Brixton, London, United Kingdom

Pre-Tasting Observations

We can’t overstate how wonderfully easy it is to use the pod-compatible Minipresso. No mess, no guess work. Within seconds, we saw our glasses fill with a bright, burnt sienna liquid. After a few more seconds, we watched the espresso mature into a rich, burnt umber tone with a perfectly defined crema. Slight notes of silky cream and walnut misled us before the actual taste test.


Although George debated whether the espresso earned its “Bold” moniker, he commented, “This is exactly the taste I dream of in the morning: smooth with a touch of bitterness.” Beth picked up fruity acidity much like in a raspberry morning pastry, tart and buttery all at once. Some notes of orange and cinnamon spiciness came out, not at all expected but welcome all the same. Afterward, we felt noticeably happier, alert, and ready to take on the world.

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Sep 15, 2017 Daniel Kennedy