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Aug 10, 2017Daniel Kennedy

SUP with Wacaco

Slip a carabiner through your carrying case and clip to any of the bungees that come with most paddle boards to keep your Minipresso / Nanopresso safe!

Depending on where you’re stand up paddle boarding, you can be in for a long day with a lot of distance covered.  Bringing along an extra little energy in your Mini or Nano can be a lifesaver.  Not to mention a well earned reward for a day on the water.

Store your hot water inside of the machine for this one, that saves you on having to bring any extra hot water, or heating it up while you float.

We’ve rocked these portable espresso machines on SUP trips along the Florida Coast, to the lakes of NZ, and in the Alpine lakes of Colorado.  No adventure is too big or too small to not bring your favorite Wacaco.


Aug 10, 2017 Daniel Kennedy