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May 02, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Tiny House, Tiny Espresso Machine

This week our featured blog comes from Shannon Soine @thetiniesttravel .  Her and her husband Tim (and their two dogs) downsized from their 1600 sq ft house in Rochester NY to a 210 square foot tiny house, and were featured on the reality TV series Tiny House Nation.  
Tim (my husband) and I have a way of compromising.  It usually goes something like this:


Me (overshooting): Hey, I was thinking about this whole getting a dog thing.  What do you think about a Great Dane?
Tim: Uhhhhhhhh… NO.
Me:  Hmm, ok, I see.  How about a pitbull?
Tim: That could work…



So when I first proposed selling our 1600 square foot house in Rochester, NY and going tiny, I was talking about building a yurt.  Tim’s immediate and resolute response was that he wasn’t down with living in a “Mongolian circus tent.”  But the idea of living with less stuck with me.  So when I first spotted a tiny house online, I couldn’t stop thinking about it!  They were so charming!  And what a simplified life!  No more hours upon hours of cleaning, minimals bills, no mortgage, the freedom to move.  After visiting the original MiNiM home in Washington, D.C., Tim was sold.



So when Tim and I made the decision to move into a Tiny House almost four years ago, we had to give up many things.  In fact, we gave up so many things that the workers at the Salvation Army knew us by name.  Were we hoarders?  The world may never know…  



Amongst the many things donated were many kitchen gadgets, including all of our coffee and espresso accessories.  We simplified down to a pour-over and some mugs for the sake of saving space.  I was sure my days of lattes and afternoon espressos would be limited to coffee shops here on out, which I was fine with!  Minimalism is definitely about compromise in my mind.  



When I discovered the Nanopresso, I was pretty pumped.  My dad has taught me many important things, one of which being a love of really, really good (and sadly, often expensive) coffee.  There are no Folgers crystals happening in this Tiny House.  The Nanopresso makes good coffee really easy and delicious, and there is no sacrifice of cabinet space because it fits in the palm of my hand.  


With fewer things and more available funds, we have been able to travel more than ever, and we are looking forward to bringing our coffee press on some trips in the near future.  Sometimes, when you wake up feeling the grip of jet lag, the last thing you need is stumbling out of your airbnb or hotel, looking a mess, trying to find some good coffee in a foreign country.



May 02, 2018 Daniel Kennedy